My Baby Shower


The Hubby and I reading cards

Many of Natural Hair Rules readers have congratulated and asked that I create an online registry where those who would like to can donate diapers.

Here’s the registry. Orders from the registry will make it to my door. All gifts are appreciated.

In celebration of Natural Hair Rules 1st baby, is offering $10 off all first time registry orders by using Savings Code: TAMA7283. Click picture on the right or below to participate.



We decided to do a logo for the baby.

Blue Velet Zebra Stripped Cake. It was so tasty!!!

Grandma brought an outfit that said "On the Way to Grandmas"

2 thoughts on “My Baby Shower

  1. Amira

    AWH!!! Well, first, you look great! What a cute theme (and amazingly delicious looking cake–YUM!!) Looks like it was a beautiful shower; wish I could’ve made it.


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