Ask the Experts: Dickey of Hair Rules

Curly Hair Do’s and Dont’s


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Dickey of Hair Rules & Natural Hair Rules.comDO: RE-WET HAIR EVERY THREE DAYS. “For curlier textures, I usually recommend a three-day limit between rinsing and conditioning,” says Dickey. “If you wait longer than that, your curls will shrink up or dry out.”

DON’T: TOUCH YOUR HAIR UNTIL IT’S COMPLETELY DRY. “If you fuss too much with your wet hair, you’ll disturb the curl pattern,” says Dickey. “And the curls won’t have a chance to set properly

DO: TUCK CURLS INTO A BONNET OR SILK SCARF AT NIGHT. “You have to protect your curls at bedtime!” says Dickey. “And if it’s long, first gather your hair into a high ponytail, using a loose scrunchy.”

DON’T: SHAMPOO YOUR HAIR EVERY TIME IT GETS WET. “You”ll dry out your curls if you shampoo too much,” says Dickey, who recommends using Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream Moisture-Rich No Suds Shampoo ($22). “I suggest a ‘big shampoo’ once a week. And don’t worry about it not getting clean—when you wet your hair and rinse it, you’re cleaning it!”

DO: GET A TRIM EVERY THREE MONTHS. “This is key for curly hair,” says Dickey. “You gain a quarter of an inch or so a month, so you’ll want to snip off dead ends to keep your curls looking and feeling fresh.”

DO: USE STEAM TO HELP REFRESH 2ND AND 3RD DAY CURLS. “To redefine your curls, stand in the shower and let the steam seep into your hair,” says Dickey. “It adds moisture, which is so key for bouncy curls. After the shower, apply a finishing cream.”

DO: TRY A PORTABLE HOOD DRYER INSTEAD OF A DIFFUSER. “After applying your styling product to sopping wet hair, sit under a pre-heated hood dryer,” says Dickey. “Stop when your hair’s almost dry, and then let the rest air dry. Your curls will have great definition!”

DON’T: USE TOO MUCH STYLING PRODUCT. “This leads to crunchy curls,” says Dickey. “Your product should be lite enough that you can saturate your hair with it, and your curls don’t get crunchy or weighted down.”

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8 thoughts on “Ask the Experts: Dickey of Hair Rules

  1. Pamela

    The back and sides of my hair tend to curl with little or no effort but the top is very straight and I have a difficult time managing it. While the back looks the way I like the front just falls. Is there a product I can use that will curl the top of my hair? I have used everything I can think of. Thank you for answering.

    1. naturalhairrules Post author

      Everyone has two to three different textures of hair. I don’t think you need a particular product but I will recommend that you try using mousse at the the top of your hair and a scrunching method to encourage it to curl.

  2. Teresa

    My hair is naturally curly but it dries out very quickly. Even when I wet it, it dries out in a couple hours. Are there any products I could get that will help keep my hair from drying out so quickly. I like keeping my natural curly style but I just wish it would last longer.

    1. naturalhairrules Post author

      I would recommend mist your scalp but not your locs because they can get a mildew smell if not dried completely.

      1. Nubia

        I’ve got my spray bottle! I washed the other day and I’m going to mist today. Next question: Do you recommend moisturizing the scalp with oil and THEN misting? I have a really dry crown and any moisture gets sucked in hours (it seems) after I’ve oiled. Any tips? 🙂

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