Natural Hair and Pregnancy


african american pregnant woman

Hey Naturalistas!!!

About 2 months ago I announced my pregnancy. And to my surprise the preggos are strong in numbers right now.  J/J

Wednesday, officially made 28 weeks…you know what that mean the finally stretch. Three more months to go.  Throughout my pregnancy I have read just about every pregnancy book and website out there.  Like everything else there are so many myths or misconception about pregnancy and hair.

Pre-natal pills make your hair grow thicker and faster.
This is so not true.  I’m not discouraging taken a daily vitamin, pre-natal or not.  I personally took pre-natal vitamins before getting pregnant because its recommended if you’re planning to have children. Read more here.  The increase hormones associated with pregnancy can in some cases result in your hair growing faster.

Pregnancy makes your hair grow thicker.
You may notice that your hair is thicker; this is true.  But your head is holding on to all of your hair including the dead hair that would normally shred as apart of the hair cycle.  I can attest I wore two-strand twist for 3 WEEKS.  I could almost count the strands of hair that shred in my Denman brush and hand.  It wasn’t much at all.

If you don’t believe me here are some online resources…

What To

My Baby Bump and Natural Hair.

I have been rocking protective styles such as two strand twist, two strand twist out and in the picture below I’m sporting two french braids & a cute 27 week baby bump.  My hair seems to be drier than usually.  I’m not sure if that’s the pregnancy of the Houston summer heat. I think its a combination of both.  Shea Moisture Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner is my friend right now.  



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