Being Natural is Expensive…a rant


Guest Post by Dovie of

I have a friend… a best friend, that went back to relaxing her hair because she said she couldn’t afford to be natural. This is what happened…

My best friend, that I have loved as my sister for the past 15+ years, decided to transition to go natural!! I was so excited, and readily available with advice, and tips, and styles, you name it! I even went as far as to send her a sample pack from the beloved Oyin Handmade, to get her started! Then a few weeks ago, I went over to her house to braid her daughter’s hair, when I noticed….things weren’t all that kinky! I asked, “So how’s your transition going?”, she looked at me and said that she had relaxed her hair (after months of transitioning)! I loved her hair relaxed or natural, because she has always kept her hair well maintained, and healthy, so this didn’t really bother me! Then she says…

“I don’t have the time to deal with natural hair, and it’s too expensive!”

This bothers me. Time and time again I hear would-be naturals, and even full blown naturals, complain that the cost of being natural is expensive and unreasonable…. and to that I call BULL****!!!

Being natural does NOT mean that you have to have every single thing that you see Youtubers and bloggers rant and rave about! In fact, there are plenty of things that you can grab at your local dollar store, that work just fine for natural hair! Being Natural is as expensive, or affordable as you make it, and if you decide to go broke behind grabbing every “boutique” brand product that markets itself towards us of the Kinky variety, then you have some issues that have nothing to do with hair!


I’ve read many a comment where there’s some strict budget natural GOING OFF on youtubers for using items, or reviewing items, that may be out of range for THEIR OWN BUDGET!! <—this is taking it too far! If someone is a product collector, then that’s their business, just because it’s out of your range doesn’t mean that YOU have to use it! There are plenty of things at local health stores, on the ground that you can purchase if these things are out of range for yourself!

“So, let’s stop throwin’ shade at the PJ’s”

If not wanting to pay shipping and handling is your hang-up, most major stores these days have grown hip to the fact that natural is where it’s at, and are now carrying products that omit the icky ingredients from their formulas! You can buy Giovanni, and Yes To carrots/cucumbers at Wal-mart AND Target! Not to mention Shea Moisture (a very affordable and effective product) is at Walgreens and Target Stores Nation wide!!

“Let us not forget the value of shea butter, and a good oil combo”

And then, who says that you have to use any commercial products at all?!?!? Your hair can be just as gorgeous with a good blend of essential oils, some shea butter, and a consistent regimen, ensuring that it stays clean, moisturized, and ultimately healthy! I get so annoyed with people thinking that natural hair REQUIRES these high-dollar products, and blends…that to tell the truth, can be duplicated in your own kitchen!! I myself am guilty of fiending over products, and wanting to see what offers the best results, but I also have my oils and “cheapie” products that work just as well if my budget isn’t allowing the purchase of anything too pricey! You would be surprised how many naturals have found some amazing results, with some of the most common and readily available products!

So I say ALLLLLL OF THAT to say THIS, If you’re interested in going natural, and are hung-up on the price of things… don’t let a few YT videos and blog posts change a decision that could be a wonderful, and self-expressive journey! Products, are only a sub-section of what being natural is all about. If you can’t afford it…don’t buy it! There’s ALWAYS another way to achieve the same results!


One thought on “Being Natural is Expensive…a rant

  1. Gigi s

    Thats the reason I stopped doing youtube, bad remarks for using dollar products. I am jobless depend on coupons and sales for products. I guess shes not ready for natural yet, maybe in a couple years


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