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I was wandering around the World Natural Hair Show a couple of months ago and had the pleasure of finding a new line of natural hair products that I just had to share with all of you fabulous curlies. Camille Rose Naturals is the brainchild of a very health-conscious curly, Janell Stephens, who tells me that she started her journey with veganism.

Stephens’ husband, an oncologist, would come home with stories of different cancers, which got her thinking that there must be a correlation between what we put in our bodies and how we feel. Although Janell grew up with relaxers and even claims to have gotten a Jheri curl when she was younger, she finally took the plunge to becoming natural after moving back to Louisiana, where the humidity was too much for her pressed hair. “By that time, the natural revolution had begun.” Stephens says. She also wanted to be part of something bigger and to help other women with their natural hair journey no matter the texture.

Three years later, Camille Rose Naturals, a product line started in the search of better ingredients for her family (and named after her Grandmother Camille who loved roses) was born. Since then, Janell has been spreading the word about her all-natural product line for both hair and body. “My goal is to take Camille Rose Naturals international because I believe in my ingredients.” Stephens says.

Camille Rose Naturals lives up to the hype with several natural hair products that include ingredients such as aloe, avocado, green tea and shea butter.

To learn more about these natural hair products, check out the Camille Rose Naturals website.

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One thought on “Camille Rose Naturals

  1. Rhonda M

    I purchased her Almond Jai Twisting Butter at the natural hair show this past spring and I love it. I got great, moisturized twists and a beautiful twist out. I put it away until the winter, because I found my hair to be frizzing using it in the summer, but it will definitely be in the rotation once the higher dewpoints are gone. She was also an extremely sweet person. 🙂


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