Stretching Method-Minimize Frizz

Stretching method is one of the few ways to minimize shrinkage of natural hair. It usually done this at night and covered with a satin scarf or bonnet. And it can be done on wet or dry hair.

You can stretch the hair in a method called banding by many natural hair youtubers and bloggers.  You gather all or sections of the hair. Secure and stretch with elastic bands; making pony/pig tails (depending on the length of your hair).    This also works for natural hair styles such as braids, two strand twist, and braid/twist out see photo below.

Photo Credit Working Out the Kinks Onsugar

*If I’m wearing the twist for a week I stretch the first night and mid week. Its also a good way to conditioning the scalp with your fav leave-in conditioner spray or water with vegetable glycerin.

It looks a little crazy when you first take the band off just give it a few minutes and the hair will settle. You won’t even be able to tell. I usually pull the band out first thing in the morning.

Try double or multiple sections when experimenting to assist in trying different pin up/up do styles. For example, divide twist in two section for a pin up in the front with back down.


Re-Twisting or Re-Braiding loose natural hair at night is a great way to stretch your hair.  It also help retain the moisture in your hair.

Natural Chica has a great video that demonstrates see below:


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