Switching It Up


Anonymous ask: At what point do you change or switch up your natural hair regimen?  And what initial changes should you make?

Here’s your chance to give me your feedback!


4 thoughts on “Switching It Up

  1. Angelique

    This is my third year of being natural. The initial change I made which my hair really responded to was to stop shampooing my hair and I now co-wash or just water wash 2- 3 times per week. I knew it was time to change my routine when I started having “bad hair” days. My hair loves shea butter in the summer and olive oil in the winter. Trial and error and learning what your hair needs regarding moisture. I have fallen in love with my hair.

  2. Ms. Williams

    I switch styling products in the cool and warm months. When it’s hot n fuzzy, I use a creme styler agent for my twists. When it’s cool and agreeable, I use eco-styler gel or just plain shealoe. I’m in the middle of finding an agreeable condish, but at the moment I mix herbal essence’s hello hydration and totally twisted together. I might go back to Kinky Kurly Knot Today. Instead of shampoo, I use peppermint castille soap.

  3. Silky Coils

    I usually switch regimens when I don’t see regular improvements in my hair (meaning moisture, growth, etc). For the most part, I keep certain products as my staples, so I will not have to change it up often.

  4. Kandia

    I did the BC this past weekend. Where do I go from here? Need info on daily maintenance products which I may use to help my hair.


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