Has this ever happen to you?


Tori writes:

Today I was accused of having a perm & natural salon refused to do my hair.  Some salons aren’t very knowledgeable about [all] natural hair textures. Their ignorance has led me to an undone head  😦

Has this ever happen to you or someone you know?  How would you react in this type of situation?


9 thoughts on “Has this ever happen to you?

  1. Come On People

    I think this is the “not black enough” statement in a different form. Remember that many in natural salons, especially if they don’t do chemical treatments, don’t have to have a full cosmetology liscience. This mean that they may not possess the training to tell the difference.

  2. Indulgenceiskey

    Wow! This is so unfortunate. I feel as though the so called “Natural Salon” doesn’t have an understanding of natural hair at all. If they did then they would know about the versatility of natural hair and it includes flatironed/pressed hair. That is just one of the many ways that an individual can wear their hair. This let’s me know that they have done this to potential customers in the past. Maybe you can write the company and let them know about your experience and how unprofessional it was for them to deny you a service just because of their ignorance. You can also write a review of your experience on http://www.yelp.com, http://www.local.yahoo.com, etc. so that other naturals can know how this salon categorizes natural hair that “looks” like it has been permed.

    I hope that you don’t let this deter you from wearing your hair in whatever style you choose to wear it.

    Take Care!

  3. KAren

    I have been on the opposite side of this were people have asked me to start their dreads, comb twist their hair or two strand twist their hair.

    The two strand twist is not so bad because while the individual twists look ridiculous with the perm at the end at least the twist stays in the hair and does not unravel. For the most part the hairstyle is still attainable. However the comb twist and the dreads are a different story. I’m not quite sure which is worst on partly relaxed hair.

    Many black women don’t even know their own hair texture they have come to me convinced that they have no perm on their heads. “I haven’t permed my hair in 6 months they explain all the perm is gone. Then I have to explain to them that PERM means permanent and that it never goes away unless you cut off the permed hair.

    Then there are the ones who cut off maybe most of their perm but there is still perm left at the end. The fact is perm hair strands have a different texture than natural hair, even naturally straight hair, especially when wet.

  4. Cia

    Wow! That is so horrible!! In what city did this happen? Was the owner there? If not you should make sure that the owner knows that this happened. This is not right!

  5. Natural Hair Care for Children

    I think that we should abondon the term natural hair as a term deemed only for non-relaxed/ perm hair.

    I view natural hair as hair that grows from the scalp. In my workshops and classes I refer to the two different textures of hair as naturally “textured” hair and chemically “textured” hair; textured being the operative word.

    Now for someone to turn you away because they didnt believe you is outrageous. Even those with relaxers and perms can benefit from a natural salon especially if the natural salon knows how to properly care for the hair naturally, but I digress…that a whole different topic. I would have a difficult time as a person to NOT take someone’s word ~ and to basically put them on blast in front of others by calling them a “liar”. I wouldve taken the time to look at their hair and to LISTEN to them. Like someone stated before some women dont know their own texture so they may view their hair as naturally textured when in fact they are between both textures (i.e. transitional period in which the time to fully transition differs from person to person).

    And you’re are also right in stating that not all “natural stylists” fully understand what they are doing because of their lack of training. It is so important to be properly trained. I have found that some natural stylists still have the mentality of a person with chemically processed hair. They’ll slather poor quality products in the hair because they dont know how to read a label or try to blow dry natural hair with an extremely hot blow dryer causing severe heat damage.

    I would not put that salon on blast via the internet. I would contact the owner and share my experience with him/ her.

    I am sooo sorry that you had such a terrible experience. See its experiences like this that give natural stylists a bad rap. 😦

    So to my peers that call themselves natural stylists but have NOT received a minute of training you need to perfrom a self evaluation and figure out if you add value to the natural hair industry or if you are a liability.

  6. queendeej

    Well. I am currently transitioning so I do have a perm. I say be thankful they refused to do your hair. They clearly don’t know how to work with your texture and may have ended up doing some damage!

  7. BLew

    This is unfortunate. It’s interesting to me because I wear my hair pressed often and many of my strands are now straight. I have been natural for 7 years and have had several shorter haircuts so I know my perm is gone. Having this happen to me is exactly why I have been reluctant to go to a natural hair salon. I could already imagine the comments so I have chosen to stay away. I get enough comments from random natural people so I spare myself the additional ones.

    I am with the others, I feel a letter should be written to the owner to inform them.

  8. nappy headed black girl

    My hair is too nappy to ever be accused of having a relaxer lol

    On the flip side, I’ve been told my hair is “too black” because I don’t twist my roots.On the Accepted Negro Hairstyles list being a freeform dread is dead last.

  9. Silky Chronicles

    I have never had this happen to me, but I believe that there are many other salons that actually KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING and would love your business. lol.

    I would’ve left, complained, took to social networks to get the word out AND then found someone else to do my hair.


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