Dry Natural Hair


This is a common problem within the natural hair community with many “solutions”.  Yes, I said “solutions” and yes, its in quotation marks.  I’m here to be the bearer of bad news.  Beware of what you read on many natural hair sites.  And don’t buy every hair product that claims to moisturize.  Only few products on the market moisturize hair that is  drier in textures.    Many of the oils and butters suggested to moisturize only seal in existing moisture.  Point blank no one hair product is going to “fix” or “solve” your dry natural hair problem.  I apologize for the disappointment.

If this is true how can I keep my natural hair from being so dry?

  • Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.  Moisturize your natural hair from the inside out.  Your whole body will thank you.  Read more
  • Shampoo with a sulfate-free shampoo once to every two weeks.  Shampoo lifts dirt, excess products and other adverse debris.  Read more
  • Water is the best and most effective moisturize.  Use water-based hair products especially conditioners.
  • Moisturize everyday by adding some type of water to your hair & scalp.  You should drink water and moisturize your skin daily so why should your hair be any different. Read more
  • Apply products from root to tip evenly throughout hair.
  • Avoid products that coat the hair vs. absorb into the hair such as mineral oil, castor oil, petroleum etc.
  • Use natural products or products with natural ingredients to seal in moisture from water and smooth the hair shaft such as shea butter, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin and other nutrient rich oils/butters.  These products can all be purchased here
  • Cover hair with a satin scarf/bonnet or sleep on a satin pillow case.

11 thoughts on “Dry Natural Hair

  1. KISHA

    I use East african shea butter with white refined shea, mixed with safflower, sunflower, grapeseed, seasame, coconut, soybean oil(and whatever other oil you’d like). I whip it all together with a handheld electric cake mixer, then let is sit in an air tight container for about three days. Then, I use it on my hair for conditioning and styling. It immediately stops breakage. Give it a try!

    1. naturalhairrules Post author

      It should not be used on dry hair. As long as you are using it in damp hair it is ok but you may want to consider a less dense oil that has more nutrients such as coconut oil that nourishes the hair with vitamins.

  2. Cassie

    I use castor oil on my scalp when it is dry. the lighter oils dont help with my itchy dry scalp like it does. is that bad?

  3. Mrs. Bellamy

    Check out Teaandhoneyblends.com!! A hair care line that caters to all hair-types: Dry-Itchy Scalp (Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner), Dry Tresses (Green Tea Goji Berry Shampoo and Conditioner); Styling Aids: Gleam (stops and prevents dull dry hair), Sparkle Mist (add a little shine to your hair, spray and go), Protein Conditioner Leave-In (apply after washing and conditioning). We even have Mini Tea Kits to take with you on the go!! Product featured in magazines, created by two African American Ph.D. Chemist. I have tried a great deal of products and thus far, Tea and Honey Blends has made my transition from relaxed to natural seamless!! http://www.teaandhoneyblends.com Check out their story and products!!! Inbox veronda@teaandhoneyblends.com for any questions!!

  4. S

    Now I just read not to use castor oil. Which I’d stop using anyway because strands were coming out. But I thought it was a sealant?

    1. naturalhairrules Post author

      Yes it is but it doesn’t nourish the hair or protect it. It is heavy and clogs the hair follicles. It simply does more damage than good.

  5. Simplyme

    Ive been using the shea butter, jojoba, grapeseed. and EVO combo and the oils are making my face a shiny mess? Help!!!


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