Co-washing is a no poo method or shampoo alternative method used in cleaning natural or curly hair. What’s your stance on co-washing? To co-wash only or not?

Many swear by it. Some conditioners contain ingredients that have cleansing properties. But conditioners also have ingredients that leave particles on the hair. This can do more harm than good especially if silicone are present in the conditioner.

Shampoo is more ideal for cleansing hair. Shampoo contains ingredients that remove dirt and debris and as long as its a sulfate free shampoo it will not strip hair of natural oils.[ad#square-125×125]

Co-washing should not completely replace cleaning hair with shampoo. I recommend shampooing once a week to maintain healthy hair and scalp.


6 thoughts on “Co-Washing

  1. H. Roberta Williams

    I haven’t used shampoo since i read the attached article on your site (no more shampoo!). I’ve been using baking soda and conditioner ever since. Just this weekend I tried the white vineagar, and it worked just as well. I’ve noticed a marked difference in my hair since I stopped using shampoo and started with the baking soda. No more flakes, no more itchiness, no more dryness and a lot more moisture. I love it!

  2. Karen

    I co-wash at least 2 times per week (more if my hair feels dry). I shampoo maybe twice a month. It’s working for me. I’m all about my hair not feeling and/or looking like brillo pad.

  3. Mia

    I shampoo once a week, with a a sulfate free shampoo. I also condition with no cone products. Works for me hair is soft and free of flakes and itchy stuff..

  4. Silky Coils

    I’ve tried this method before and I’m ok with it…I guess. Lol. Since discovering some good shampoos with no sulfate, I am ok with using these products versus just washing with conditioner.

    1. naturalhairrules Post author

      I totally understand. I have to shampoo at least once a week with a sulfate free shampoo.

  5. Crys

    I recently started working out so I think my routine will include a weekly cowash (in braids) but I’m not sure if I will shampoo bi-weekly or monthly. Prior to working out I was shampoo-ing biweekly. Anyone dealing with working out? I also should mention my hair is 4a/4b and very prone to tangles and breakage; therefore, I wear stretched protective styles during the week.


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