Rinsing Natural Hair

Daily Moisture


Rinsing Natural Hair

In a Washing Natural Hair post, I mentioned how I wet or add moisture to my natural hair daily.  I recieved some questions as how.  Here’s a more detailed description. These are some healthy hair practices I’m utilizing for “My Grow Out Challenge“.



  • Shampoo or clean hair and scalp at least once a week.  Sulfate-free shampoo is best for natural hair.  But I don’t recommend shampooing daily.
  • Rinse hair every two to three days.  A rinse is exactly what it sounds like.  Just running water over hair.  This can be done daily.
  • Steam curls by allowing steam from a warm shower infusing your hair.  Simply jump in the shower with uncovered hair or stand in a steam filled room.  You’re not running water over your hair, that would be a rinse vs. a steam.
  • Mist hair and scalp.  Read more here.

Combination of these hair care practices can be used to moisturize your natural hair daily. If you are protective styling or wearing a set style such as a twist out modify these tips.  Consider using a spray bottle or adequately moisturizing prior to styling.   Make sure to seal the moisture in with natural oils or butters (cocoa or shea) ; apply one or more of these products from root to tip.  You can purchase these items here.  You’re hair will be softer and you will see healthier curls.


7 thoughts on “Daily Moisture

  1. Tamara Smith

    Hi…. I have locs and I’ve been. Growing them for almost 5 yrs. (Will be 5 yrs. This coming June) I use dr.bonner castile soap and I dilute it with water and herbal oils. And everyother month I do a ACV rinse…. since I have been doing this,my locs have been soooo soft.. my question is HOW OFTEN SHOULD I WASH MY LOCS? AND SOME OF THE ONES ON THE SIDES AND A FEW IN THE BACK ARE THINNING…. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?

    1. naturalhairrules Post author

      Everyones hair is different. I would give it a try but really pay attention to how your hair response. If it’s softer & more manageable it’s working

  2. Elegance

    This was good advice. I usually mist my hair with water and vegetable glycerin then add conditioner or a natural skin cream to my hair. It works great. Mid-week my hair doesn’t smell great (I work out) and I have started rinsing it. I haven’t tried the steam though 🙂

  3. Black Girl

    This is a great article.I just wanted to add- Be careful with moisturizing because it is possible to overmoisturize. It happened to me. You just have to balance moisture with protein because it you over do it, your hair will be mushy, stringy, and break easily when combed.

    1. Jamalia

      Hello, I know what you mean by overmoisturize. My hair tends to feel greasy, but it’s weird, soetimes it feels greasy and dry. Anyway, how do you balance with protein? I haven’t heard of that before, and what kind of products. I’m a 4b hair.

  4. Loireta Johnson

    I’ve been reading your suggestions for adding moisture to the hair (which I need ,I’m a 4b w/ very dry hair) my concern is with these methods would that give me a problem with shrinkage along with dryness which is already a challenge for me especially after sleeping the night before…I know I need the water but I’m always thinking about it


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