And The Grammy Goes To…

Esperanza Spalding Beats Justin Bieber, Drake For Best New Artist

Did you see the Grammy’s last night? What were your thoughts.

Video of Esperanza’s latest…


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3 thoughts on “And The Grammy Goes To…

  1. Dee

    How cool is this? An uber-talented young woman gets her big reveal. I heard (before the Grammys) someone say that she had no hope of besting the others in her category, that her win was just getting nominated. Well, I am so glad that her beautiful and hugely talented self got recognized for her amazing music. Go Esperanza!

  2. Von

    I was wondering when the natural hair community would garner up support for her because she’s been attacked all day. This is the second time that she has been a #1 trending topic. They’ve been trying to get natural hair to become a trending topic and they missed an enormous opportunity. It’s a shame that most of those poor souls/kids who are Bieber fans are lost because of Pop Culture and it’s even sadder that many adults don’t have a clue either. Even the so called fashion magazines like Jones and Ebony ignored her today, but let the mainstream media start writing about her and they’ll act like they were fans all along. The lady is bad, finally talent won out over the hype machines. Everything today is based on who’s popular and it’s doesn’t mean anything if they don’t have influence.


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