Natural Hair Care- In short

The next few weeks, I will discuss Natural Hair Care tips/techniques to grow long natural hair.  Here’s a brief overview.

Photo Courtesy of Essence

  • Care for your hair from the inside out by drinking water and eating healthy foods.  Read more here
  • Use water based products made with natural ingredients.
  • Never comb/detangle dry hair
  • Apply products and detangle hair in sections from root to tip.
  • Avoid excess everything… styling, heat application, conditioning (anything done in excess can damage the hair)
  • Protect your ends
  • Cover your hair at night
  • Rinse, mist or steam curls daily or at least every other day
  • Choose products that are pH balanced

3 thoughts on “Natural Hair Care- In short

  1. KeAndrea

    I love ur hair. I decided this year to not straighten my hair or blow-dry. I have been in need of tips on natural hair care.

  2. Jennifer

    hello.i have been natuaral 4yrs now up until last yr i learned how to take better care of it.lately i dnt knw whats gng on with my’s gettn a lil sooo tempted to cut it all off but i really dnt want to.the back seems to be growing great but like the side n crown is so hard to retain just so confused.i dnt knw what to do.

  3. Vivian

    I love the tips! please keep it up! I agree that part of up keep of natural hair lies in taking care of your body and what you put in.


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