Natural Hair Rules!!! Advice for Transitions

Pictured Kendra rocking a Twist n Curl while transitioning. Read more

These tips will help in minimizing shedding and breakage that may occur as a result of transition to natural as well as FRUSTRATION.

  1. Make-up your mind that this is something you want to do.  Going natural is a journey. There will be some ups and downs as your learn your natural texture. It is very personal and you will find that not everything works for your hair.  I believe that hair is as unique as a fingerprint.
  2. Build a healthy hair routine instead of a product stash. In most cases women are on the hunt for that holy grail of product in vain.  If you want healthy hair, it all starts with how you care for your hair.  That means minimizing breakage, eating a balance diet, and maintaing your hair for optimal growth.
  3. Research the process and products in order to develop a plan of action. I highly recommend purchasing these two books. They have a wealth of knowledge in them and are a one-stop shop for learning how love and care for your hair from day one of your transition. The Science of Black Hair and If You Love It, It Will Grow.
  4. Decide if you want to transition long term or big chop.  I personally big chopped but not with the intention of going natural.  I just wanted a new look. You can read my story here. A friend of mine, Shauntrice was a long-term transitioned. You grew her relaxer out during the course of two years.  You can read how she did it here.
  5. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles & products. Just keep your scalp clean and moisturized in the process.  Some women feel like certain styles won’t work on their hair or look right. But you will never know unless you try.  Before I went natural I was not the best or most creative hairstylist. But with practice I learned how to braid and twist. Besides My natural hair journey is proof that hairstyles can vary as your hair grows.  For example, I have wore a twists at every hair length. I loved my twist out when my hair was shorter. Now that my hair is longer I prefer simpler styles like two jumbo two strand twist.
  6. To minimize tangles wash your hair in the shower. Its easier to manage hair when washing in the direct that the hair grows naturally.
  7. Increase your moisture level by incorporate more natural products (sulfate & alcohol free), deep condition weekly or bi weekly, use a great leave in conditioner and all natural moisturizers such as butters and sealer like olive & coconut oil. Moisturize using the L.O.C Method is one of the best ways to keep your hair hydrates. 
  8. Trim your hair regularly at every 3 months or more often if needed to ret rid of any split ends.
  9. Don’t compare your hair to others. Every ones hair is different and your hair regimen/routine must be personalized for your hair type and lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “Natural Hair Rules!!! Advice for Transitions

  1. Naturalistical

    I’ve transitioned twice and the first time was difficult,
    shedding and breakage was out of control. Second time my stylist
    used Diva Smooth by Janelle Beauty and no shedding or breakage. I
    recommend this product to all who are natural or who are
    transitioning. I make it my regimen and my hair is natural and more
    beautiful than ever.

  2. Margaret

    Great Advice…it could be costly initally b/c you are not sure what will work….what works for one may not work for another. My bathroom is full of product. Be I found that simple natural butters and oils work the best for me.


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