Why Trim Your Curls


Some believe it is unnecessary to trim curly or natural hair.  Many hair experts disagree.  They will tell you clipping your ends is a part of regular maintenance for natural hair.  It helps your hair stay healthy and grow faster and stronger.  Below are signs/reasons to trim your hair.


Why Trim Your Curls

1. Ends Are Damaged

2. Hair Lacks Shape  and Movement

3. Hair is Breaking

4. Hair is not Growing (that you’ve noticed)

5.  Noticeable Split Ends

6.  Hair is frizzy

7.  Hair Tangles Easily wet or dry

8. Single Strand Knots

9. Hair Lacks Curl Definition

10.  Your Hair Seems Unmanageable or Unruly

For more information on How to Trim Natural Hair.


11 thoughts on “Why Trim Your Curls

  1. Bree

    Trimming hair does NOT make it grow faster. That is a myth.

    However, trimming is necessary if you have damaged ends, yes. But trimming does not contribute to growth.

    1. naturalhairrules Post author

      It actually does in a indirect way by maintaining or improving the overall health of your hair.

  2. Quay

    Single strand knotts arent really worth cutting your hair over. With tightly curly hair. They happen and are gonna happen and if you continuously cut your hair when you see them… you wont see any growth. Usually if i see a knot on a strand or so i just trim that strand and call it a day. a all over haul will have me trimming every week. & the only way to really avoid single strand knots are to keep ur hair straight or stretched all the time and that just bores me lol.

  3. Alama

    This is a good post, I have been growing my hair natural for 1 year I would say, grew my hair out from permed top, shaved back. But my ends are horrible, everytime I think I’m doing better and they get crunchy so snip snip. I hope I can manage my ends better

  4. Alana

    I don’t have knots or anything, you can feel the difference
    in my hair where the ends are damaged and I had someone press it
    out before and they were visible. How have you been able to manage
    dry ends?

  5. Jarmelia

    I don’t think most of these are great reasons to trim your
    hair. splits are really the only reason to trim but, if you don’t
    know how to take care of your hair, then you may need to wait.
    Trimming your hair constantly could mean that you’re cutting off
    your growth. Meaning your hard work may be in vain, if you’re
    trying to get to a certain length.

    1. naturalhairrules Post author

      I agree! But if you have a combination of these signs and it has been 3 months or longer since your last trim then it’s time & a trim will remedy some the preexisting issues

  6. Eva

    I just trimmed my hair and instantly felt a difference. I wanted to trim my hair to make it more even and shaped. I must say my hair feels softer and the ends are smoother. I really believe trims are very important to maintain healthy hair. You can set your own schedule for trims instead of following the 4-6 week traditional scheedule. Have a great day! ~Eva~


  7. Annie

    I clip pixie knots and call it a day. I agree damaged/split ends and style changes may warrant a clip but experts have gotten plenty of information wrong before and the entire hair community is split on whether regular clips/trims are necessary or simply melodramatic. I personally don’t have a history of split ends and am not vigilant about my hair care at all and still maintain a normal 6+ inches of hair growth each year as have many curlies over time. I think this is still an open issue.


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