New Year Hair Resolutions

Earlier this year my worst natural hair nightmare came true or was realized.  Either way it was awful.  Ok, ok. Maybe I’m being a little melodramatic.  But I’m still a little heartbroken.  What happened, you asked? I’ll tell you.  My hair stop growing…

Naturally, hair grows about half a millimeter each day, about one-half inch every month or approximately six inches (15 cm) in one year.

This November when I got my annual straightening, I noticed my hair was not longer compared to last year. No real noticeable hair growth.  *SMH* I was almost in tears. I recalled all the work I put into my hair; protective styling and moisturizing.  You can see for yourself.

What happened?

Celebrity stylist, Dickey of Hair Rules noticed my abundance of split ends.  “When was the last time you had a trim?” he asked.  It was recent but my hair was curly.  You can’t see the split damaged ends when the hair is wet.  Before my last trim, I can’t recall the last time I had a professional trim.  As you can tell my hair has paid for it.  When split ends are not tended to the hair breaks and will split throughout the hair causing prolong damage.  Giving the illusion that your hair is not growing but instead it is breaking at the same rate that it is growing.

My New Year  Natural Hair Resolution is to get a professional trim every 3 month as recommended by professional hairstylist such as Dickey of Hair Rules.  I will no longer neglect routine maintainance of my ends.

What is your New Year Natural Hair Resolution??? Tell me by commenting below.


16 thoughts on “New Year Hair Resolutions

  1. L. Michelle

    Interesting! I had put as one of my 2011 goals to get my hair trimmed every 6 months, but now you have me reconsidering that…I am going to look into more frequency and at least do every 4 months with a reassessment after month 8.

    As well, I need to deep condition on a regular, weekly basis.

  2. Nikiage Washington

    My nautural hair resoultions for 2011 is to have a Hair Regimen that I actually stick to!! I have joined a Haircare Challenge to stick to this resolution. I also with continue my NO HEAT/ Protective Styling method as well as decrease my use of commerical products by doing more RESEARCH!

  3. s

    I would say that u should only trim when u have bad ends and only a little otherwise u will never hav any noticible growth!
    Also look at your regime cos it shouldnt cause u breakage

    1. naturalhairrules

      I hope you at least try a trim every 3-4 as recommended by professional stylist and hair experts and see if you notice an improvement in the health of your hair. I know I have.

  4. Pam

    I’m considering going natural I don’t know if I’m going to do the BC or braid until I have three inches of new growth. I’ve really thought about having a weave with natural hair..

  5. IsaKe

    Oh NO! I get mine cut like clockwork…but I get them done every 6-8 wks. At one point I was doing it every 4 wks. I am a stickler for those ends!

  6. Bonita

    I want a professional to trim my hair, but I am very afraid because I have natural hair. I am curious, do they have to straighten my hair to cut it or can they cut it in it’s natural state?

  7. Joy

    I sure wish that someone would start a natural hair care workshop where you can learn from others on how to style your hair in person. This is my second attempt at wearing afro. And it seems like such hard work. I wore locs for about 7 years and I wanted to try something else by just letting my hair grow out. I don’t even know how to do a cornrow I have looked at many videos and I still can’t get it. 😦 I was so frustrated with my hair that I almost got a relaxer. The job market it tough and this hair is scaring me but I am still trying to hang in there.

  8. Linda D.

    I just called my Dominican hair dresser and made an appointment for later today to get a trim. I have not put scissor to the head in over a year and I see the damage it is doing. I’ve been natural for 5 years now and my hair won’t get past my shoulders. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot more shedding and I’m not sure why. quite disheartening……..

  9. S

    Yes. The hair needs to be trimmed protective styling has nothing to do with it. I dust my ends when it’s flat ironed. I get a professional trim when it sheds too much. I’d rather have healthy hair then long stragely hair.

  10. Chandra

    Mine is to wear my own protective styles. As I would always go into braid ext. Trimming my ends regularly is a new one for me. I started to notice my ends. I thought I had taken really good care of them since the last 7 mos that I had them trimmed. But noticed they were crispy and dry feeling again. So My new goal is to trim every 2 to 3 mos.

  11. camelian

    i have been natural since 2003. though blessed with genes that allow my hair to grow fast, i noticed my hair tends to shed more when it’s time for a trim. i also noticed the split ends from lack of regular trimming. the first time i went to my current stylist she got on my behind because my hair had not been trimmed in over a year! she did however comment how healthy it was considering. she immediately noticed that natural hair – properly cared for – does not need to be trimmed as often as chemically processed hair. she recommended continuing my regimen & getting a trim at least every 3 months, more often if i use any heat or chemcials. so far, my hair is growing beautifully!

    question for my fellow natural sisters…when you first made the transition to natural did it seem as though your hair grew faster? several natural sisters i know said their hair grew faster once they went natural.


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