Hairspiration- Marsha Ambrosius formerly of Floetry

Many know Marsha Ambrosius as the songstress on the duo group Floetry. She recently shared her new music from upcoming album, Late Nights and Early Mornings as well as for fun remixes to Floetry tracks such as Getting Late. (One of my all time favorite songs.)

Before I know Marsha’s desire for an ex-lover’s new lady to cheat with a basketball player, I saw the single’s cover (pictured to the left). Ambrosius’s curl have always generated a buzz in the natural hair community and the new singles release was no different.

I wondered if Marsha would dish on your natural hair journey. My question to her was “were you always at peace with your curls?” Without hesitation she smiled and answered, “yea”. She explained that there was even early footage on YouTube to prove it too. For her there were no questions asked when it came to her natural hair. It was an undeniable part of her character and image. She has always been very proud of her hair. As a matter fact, I laughed when she told me that as a child she was the only one allowed to style her hair. She giggled and shook her head as she remember some of those hairstyles.

Read More about Marsha Ambrosius Natural Hair Journey

Listen to Hope She Cheats On You

[audio:|titles=Hope She Cheats On You (With A Basketball Player)]


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