Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand with Lisa Price

We caught up with Lisa Price at the Dillard’s For Curls Clinic to ask her your questions about business and natural hair care.

Tips from Lisa Price on How to Build a Successful Business

1. Research – First and most importantly do your research on the market, consumer and product ingredients. This helps you to determine your particular niche in the industry.

2. Stay Relevant – In order to succeed in business you must have knowledge of the trend and customer needs. This is how your company will expand and grow.

3. Find your niche – There are millions of companies out there. Identify what makes your brand unique. Distinguish yourself from other brands. “What makes you different, is it your packing, ingredient or fragrances?” ask Price.

Tips from Lisa for Finding that Perfect Hair Product

First ask yourself, what are you looking for in a hair product. Is it moisture or to loosen your curl pattern? If so try Carol’s Daughters Oil Infusion Treatment which is a combination of Khoret Amen Hair Oil and Khoret Amen Hair Smoothe. Read more about Oil Infusion here. Price recommends her Hair Milk line for curlies.

More about Lisa Price

In 1993, Founder Lisa Price transformed her hobby and love for fragrance into a skin care business. From that love Carol’s Daughter was born. Lisa began making creams and lotions from her kitchen as a hobby in 1990. Encouraged by family members and friends, Lisa started Carol’s Daughter out of her home in May of 1993 with a handful of customers.

By 1999, with a growing clientele from her mail order business, website and walk-in traffic, Lisa moved the store out of her brownstone to Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood. In the past eight years, Carol’s Daughter has design products and baskets for many celebrities including Jada Pinkett-Smith, Erykah Badu, Halle Berry, David Sanborn, Chaka Khan, Gary Dourdan and Oprah Winfrey.

Along with running her business Lisa also holds seminars on starting a business with little or no money, and the importance of following your spirit.

A group of movie and music stars which include Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jay-Z and record executive Steve Stoute, who spearheaded the venture, plan to make an investment of $10 million in the Brooklyn beauty-products company and take the brand nationwide.

Carol’s Daughter, Inc. had gross sales of $2 million in 2001.


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